How to Wire Fish Finder to Fuse Box?

As discussed in previous article that fishing is adopted as a hobby by many people. Most of the people are very emotional during their working, but some of them have adopted this as their profession. So, your boats and ships should be perfect enough for doing this job.

During fishing in deep waters, the instruments which are useful and operational are the fish finder devices. Fish finder can be easily wired to a fuse box with the help of silicone sealant, and power drill. It is a very easy job to do. If you follow the following steps it can be easily installed to a fuse box.


  • It is the mount of fish finder.
  • You should be careful about many factors.
  • Find out the location where binnacle is to be mounted.
  • As you look the helm of the ship should be very close to the fish finder.
  • You can easily have a look on it if it is placed very high.
  • You should be careful about the location, without touching other knobs, you can tilt the unit easily.
  • The cables and knobs should have enough space, and the helm station should be in the same position.


  • For the fish finder, find the sight for the binnacle template.
  • Mark the location of mounting holes with the pencil.
  • Bore the mounting holes with the drill machine to achieve the smooth hole.
  • For the unit of cables, drill the entry point.
  • You should make the sharp bends
  • There should be a big gap between wire holes and mount, so that the fish finder and the binnacle should be placed easily before drilling.
  • By doing this the cables will not be able to tangle with each other.
  • There should not be any other hole previously installed.
  • And if it is so, then bore a hole behind the binnacle mount.
  • The size of it should be big to hold the cluster of cables in it.


  • Application of silicone sealant should be done at the base of binnacle mount and around the each hole of cable, after boring the holes.
  • Before using the bolts made of stainless steel, put the binnacle in right place.
  • Apply the silicon on the ends before use.
  • To avoid corrosion the bolt should be smooth.
  • With the Nylock aircraft style tight the bolts to the helm.
  • The stainless steel washer should be attached to the fish finder.
  • To avoid moister the application of more sealant to the whole seal should be done.


  • You should check the electricity of your fish finder, to check the type of fuse.
  • Many fish finders needs 3A fuse to draw 1.5 A.
  • 3.5 A and 7A fuse should be used for big fish finders.


  • You can increase or decrease the length of power leads; it is dependable on length of wires.
  • If you have to increase the length of wires, tinned copper boat wire should be attached according to the gauge.
  • You should not cut the line fuse.
  • The fuse should be restored near the battery at the positive lead.
  • If the fuse is damaged, the unit will be safe.
  • Pass through the power leads into the bored hole, the plug should be in range of the unit, without the extra wires of the helm from outside.
  • The wire should go through the fuse block.
  • You should wrap the wires after 18 inches.
  • To save the connection, you should heat the shrink tubes.
  • If there is screw kind of terminals, you should use ring connectors with the accurate size.
  • Do not attach the ends of the terminal, before you should complete the wiring process.


  • You should check the deep area for having the right place of transducer, by the aluminum hulls.
  • This will result in prevention the turbulence which can effect on the performance of fish finder.
  • It should be installed far from the propeller.
  • The position of the transducer bracket should be horizontal.
  • Point the position of holes of the mounting bracket with the pencil.
  • Go through the wire of transducer to the dash.
  • If the old fish finder is installed in your boat along with the transom mount transducer.
  • At the ends cut the transducer, by using the older wire restore the new wire.
  • When the cable is stretched from the helm, and going through the hole made by you, tie the extra part of the helm.
  • Point up marks which you mark before, in the bracket mounting crews; bore the pilot holes with the drill machine.
  • Apply the sealant coat on the screws of the transom.
  • Many sealants should be used to avoid holes in the transom.


  • Attach the fish finder to the battery, use the appropriate wire.
  • Save the wires of helm, by blocking the wiring hole at the back of binnacle mount.
  • Switch off battery, attach power leads, attach wires to the fish finder.


  • Sealant used to seal holes should be dried.
  • Be careful in following steps, if fish finder is not working good hope transducer is not in approach to water.


In short it is a very simple task to do right at your home, only you have to take interest. By above those steps, you easily learn how to wire fish finder to fuse box. This is where you can help yourself and enjoy fishing without worrying about anything. All you need to do is to be careful while working on it as it involves the electric circuits which might lead to accident if you do not pay attention and show interest. The rest, you will be successfully doing it at the minimum cost and without wasting any time.

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