How to Store Fishing Rods?

Well! There are so many things which belong to you, and you want to take extra care of them with keen interest. These things can be your valuables, assets, and instruments. Now, if I talk about the tools, the fishing rods are of great importance for those people who are fond of fishing.

So today, in my article, I will discuss the methods about how to store fishing rods well in time when you don’t need them.

When the cold weather comes, the lakes freeze and snow comes, the fishing season ends it is the appropriate time to stock up the fishing rods. Now it is your will whether you store your rods in winters or at any other time of year.

The fact which matters in this is that you have invested a considerable amount on the fishing rods, so the procedures you adopt to store them should be best. So they could work well when they are to be used.

But the question arises that is there any method available to store the fishing rods properly. Yes, we have the answer. We have some tips and ways by which you can save your fishing gear so that they can work correctly.

Your fishing rods can last longer if you store and maintain them properly. If you take extra care of them properly, they will be less suffered from damage and will not need to replace their spare parts. If you want to prevent them from unnecessary bending, keep them in suitable racks.


To protect the fishing rods against unexpected damage, you should store them properly. Despite they are strong enough for reeling in, and they are very frail, which leads to susceptible loss. As a result, a faulty fishing rod can your line snapping means that there is a chance to lose a fish very quickly.

If you do not take care of your gears properly, the dents and cuts can occur on the guides and tips of the rods, and when you rub against these dents, results in weaken the line. So to avoid this situation, anything should not be scratched against the rods, when it comes to your hook.

Hook keeper should be appropriately attached to the hook to prevent friction when it is in contact with the line.


We have different kinds of storage options for your fishing gears, depending upon where you want to keep them, and you have enough storage place at home. Similarly, you can choose horizontal and vertical racks for storing them.

You can mount these racks on the walls of your home garage, it will be a good option, due to which it can spare the place on the ground. These types of racks can be fixed horizontally on the walls without losing the floor space.

On the other hand, the vertical frames can be kept on floors, making them easier to approach and within reach.


Check your fishing rods before storing them that they have any wear and tear or any damage. You should pay special attention to the guides and tips of the rods, if there are any kinds of cuts are present on them, smooth them with the sandpaper.

Otherwise, you have to replace them at this time as it will be better for you that it won’t be damaged at the time of storage.


Your home garage is an ideal place to keep your fishing rods safe and long-lasting. You should keep your rods inside your homes in the humid weather at the room temperature.

Because your home garage and basement will be the right place in too high or too low temperatures, as the high temperatures result in weakens your gears.


When you decide to store the fishing rods, you should think first of all to clean them. For cleaning, you will need the following items.

1 Detergent without scent.

2 A water bucket.

3 An instrument to cut the braided fishing line.

4 A lubricant.

5 A soft brush.

6 An old toothbrush.

7 Piece of sponge.

8 Paraffin wax.

9 A rod rack for storage.

This method of storing fishing rods is useful when you decided to separate all the parts of fishing rods.


As a first step, you should snip the used line, because it is damaged and cannot be used again. The weave can catch the pests and mold. Also, germs, salt, and other things can accumulate in it.

Now reel should be separated from the rod, and if you have fresh water for fishing, the rest of the line should be left in the coil. On the other hand, if the water is salty, removing the line is a better option.

Put the hot water and the detergent in the water bucket. Then clean the reel generously with the soft brush and the small grooves with the toothbrush. Now wet the sponge with the soapy water and clean the line with it.

Rinsing of line and the reel should be done with warm water, till they would dry completely. Now lubricate all the parts of fishing gear. As a last step, attach the line to the reel.


For preparing the rod for storing, you should wait for the drying of the reel. Now pour the hot water and detergent in the bucket and clean the rod with a soft brush and the toothbrush and rinse with warm water. When the rod is dried, wipe the ferrules, rod joints, and the other moving parts of the rod with the paraffin.

Lubrication of these parts with the wax will help to protect them against rust. When you are sure that all the parts are entirely dried, the reel and the rod should be attached again.


Storing of fishing rods and gears depends upon the kinds of racks you are using. For this purpose, you can remove the reel from the rod very easily. However, rods can be stored vertically and horizontally, if the reel and line are on the rod.

For this you have to be careful that line should not be pulled tightly, this can result in pressure on the line as well as the rod.

Another method of storing is to keep them inside the container, but it is not good if you want them to save for a more extended period because the humidity in the box can cause damage.


So, we conclude from the above discussion that if we want to enhance the life of our rods and gears, we should store them properly with the extra care. The rods, reels, and the lines should be cleaned very carefully, whether they are to be stored horizontally or vertically, coils attached or not, should be washed and dried thoroughly before storing them in the offseason.

Maybe you have better ideas and tips to save your fishing rods, but you should also consider our points. I assure you that these will help you a lot in this aspect.

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