How to Read Lowrance Fish Finder?

Fishing is an interesting hobby which enables you stay close to nature and you can enjoy the tranquility and quiet of open waters as long as you like. For the new fishermen, it is quiet of an adventure to go out there and catch the fish. But you might have an idea that there are many devices which make it easy for you to carry out your hobby these days. Yes! This is about the fish finder device which is being largely used for the purpose.

One of the leading brands of fish finders is Lowrance which offer a friendly interface for the new users. So if you also want to know how to read lowrance fish finder? Here is a complete guide for your information.

There are the following ways if you ask how to read my lowrance fish finder:

Size of the Fish on Sonar:

You need to understand that the size of an object under water seems different than its actual size. Similarly, if you identify a fish under water, you might get to see it differently depending upon the:

  • depth of water
  • Sensitivity of your fishfinder

Moreover, you can analyse the size of a fish when you see the fish arch of a particular color and of particular thickness.

Understand the Down scan:

It is important that you understand the imaging displayed on your lowrance fishfinder as you will be able to reveal the target. Always remember that:

  • You might find it hard to differentiate between the fish and weeds as they look almost similar on the screen.
  • You will get to enjoy more if you completely understand the sonar as the fishfinder focusses more on the fish instead of the surroundings.
  • You need to know that the weeds do not appear in the form of clusters and they are more embedded while fishes appear as clustered mass just attached to the floor of the sea.

Understand the Side scan:

By using the side scan of your fishfinder, you should be able to have an unusual experience. However, you must also know that you might face some issues also. As for instance,

  • When you are having the rocky bottoms, your target fishes will have more space to hide out.
  • In case of softer beds, you can clearly see the fish.

Understand the 3D Structure Scan:

You can easily track the fish if it is suspended within water with the help of this feature. It has the following advantages:

  • You can see the point of contact as well as the point where the fish is not attached with a support.
  • You can track the position of a fish if it is towards the side.
  • You can even a clearer image of your target fish in the water column.

Lowrance Trackback:

If you want to go back in time and check which objects got disappeared in the memory, you can use this feature as you can track the movement of the fish and then get it right in time.

Big Arch:

In case you are having a big arch on the sonar, you have to be careful as it might be a bit tricky to read it. Sometimes, the blue arch appears as a bait ball or an abstract shape and is not that thick to be seen.

Insight Genesis:

You can have a comprehensive idea of the contour maps with the help of this feature of your lowrance fishfinder. You can reap these advantages:

  • You can have the contour maps in all depths of waters.
  • You can have a precise idea of the bottom lakes.
  • You have a better picture of each and every detail on the bed of the water body.
  • You can even trace out and have a clear view of the places where the fish is hiding.
  • You can have your map secured which means you do not have to worry about the stealing of your map as the application is completely encrypted.

You need to remember these important things if you plan to use this feature of your lowrance fishfinder:

  • Do not forget to register that you will use the feature as it is cloud-based.
  • You may also have a free access to this feature which is again a very interesting facility.
  • You can enjoy many more benefits like maps downloads if you go for the subscription for which you will have to pay 99usd.

Structure Map:

You can easily access the structure map through Carbon and HDS. Moroever, if you want to share it with your friends or family, you can surely do it by virtue of Hook.

For all those out there, who have the sonar logged on along with a side scan, you can even export as well as launch it in the form of a map with the help of ReefMaster. You can enjoy the structure map as you get to see very clear and sharp images.

Global Positioning System (GPS) with Lowrance:

As you know satellites are the ones which are used for the GPS, you must not be surprised if you see the location of a fish precisely but find it with less accuracy the other day. So, you do not need to panic or worry about it, it totally makes sense.


Now when you have complete information on how to read your lowrance fishfinder screen, you will be able to enjoy your favorite activity. When you plan your next expedition, do not forget to take along your fishfinder so that you can return with a healthy lot of fishes at hand.

The fishfinder by lowrance is definitely a treat to use especially if you are a beginner and if you are not sure if you will be able to catch a good yield of fish. It will surely boost your confidence and you will enjoy yourself.

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