How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing?

The weekend is approaching. This weekend you are planning to go on a fishing trip with a kayak. But you are stuck as how to outfit a kayak for fishing. Then we will guide you how you can pack your kayak in a better organized manner. Before proceeding further lets see how and why to choose which kayak.

Types of kayak

• Sit-in: They usually trap the air and water inside. So maybe handy in moderate climate.

• Sit-on-top: They are better for use in hot climates. This is because they help in better airflow.

• Longer kayaks help in building up speed. Whereas better stability comes with width. So broader the kayak is, better chances for you to grasp a big catch.

• Kayaks with storage compartments, rod holders and mounting hardware are also available.

There are lots of varieties, styles and accessories available. You can customize your kayaks with what you want. It also depends upon the weather conditions, fishing site and size of the expected fish.

Why is it better than normal boats?

They are the latest water vehicles nowadays. You can enjoy your vacations near a fishing resort using these kayaks. They are preferred as they are better than ordinary orthodox boats.

• This is because they are designed for traveling through narrow passages and curves.

• They are more durable. They are built of material that is light weight, water resistant and withstands wear and tear of weather better.

• It is maintenance free. There is no hassle of fuel consumption and a storage tank.

Essential safety gear supplies:

Since you are planning a recreational trip so you don’t want to end up in disastrous situation. So you should make a check list for packing the following in your kayak kit. They are :

• Water proof first aid box with all essential and emergency items in it.

• A digital compass for helping you in navigation and determining direction.

• An anchor can help to hold your kayak for a short stay on the rocky ridges in the river.

• Pair of paddles ,one for emergency. Nowadays light weight paddles made of carbon or fibre glass are also available. Though they count more on your pocket but less on you efforts while rowing.

• A leash for holding the paddles in case you are resting or leaving the kayak for some reason.

• An inflation pump for flotation purposes.

• A whistle, mirror, torch, flares, and a white flag can be used for an emergency call. It can help in attaining attention and assistance.

Essential items for fishing

Kayaks outfitting focuses on your personal needs too. Like the safety gear you can prepare a check list for this too.

• Rod holders are so important. Usually they are built in. But if not then you would have to carry them in some customized holders.

• Fishing license and other identity documents; you should not forget your identity card copy ,a paper with your name, address and contact number of a family number should be mentioned in case of emergency. Fishing license is another must. Pack them in a water proof bag.

• You can take a small milk or other waterproof gallon to put some small but useful items. They are measuring tape, grips for fish holding, hook remover etc.

• Sun block sprays: you can use these sprays on your kayak to save it from the direct sheer sunlight. As prolonged exposure of Ultraviolet light can have damaging effect on its surface. Spray it on both inside and out.

• A fish holding tank. You should not forget to take a fish holding utensil with a lid at the top. As you don’t want the hard caught fish to jump back in the waters ,at your back ,from an open container.

• Some dry sponges or pumps for draining out the water from your kayaks. You can avoid this hassle if your kayak has built in automatic nozzle for water drainage from it.

• High tech fishing devices; if you are tech-savvy person you must be well aware of the latest water proof cameras, fish finders, light beamers etc. These can be adjusted on special add on mounts attached on the rods.

Essential items for Personal gear ;

Last but not the least, is your turn. Yes, your turn to outfit your personal needs. So, go thoroughly through this check list too.

• Water proof trunks and shirts. Try to get a pair in case you need to change.

• Your camera or cell phones for clicking some memorable images. They should be either water resistant or packed in some water proof pouches.

• A dry bag for keeping these things. A bag with zipped pockets helps in preventing water from getting in and damping the supplies. You can keep your keys, a few snacks to munch on, drinking water bottles etc.

• A sun hat, sun block and sun glasses are some valuable musts for your open waters adventure trip.

Starting the fishing on a kayak

After you have gone through the hassle of arranging and organizing the essential items. Here is the time for you to enjoy. Put your bag and fish holding utensil at the back. Mount the gadgets on the rod. Change your gear and here you are ready to put your kayak in water. Once in water, you can feel the thrill waves electrifying your body. Good luck for a big catch.

Packing back the kayak

After you have returned from your fishing trip you need to take a few precautions. These careful steps will help to restore your kayak life and durability. Clean and dry your kayak properly. Remove all accessories and tanks. Store all the items in a bag after washing and drying. Cover your kayak properly after all this.

Take home message

When you plan a fishing trip on a kayak, don’t forget to prepare for it wisely. You should make arrangements for all the different items before proceeding. Since it’s an open voyage so don’t forget the unexpected emergency situations. You can enjoy it fullest with expecting the best and preparing for the worst. Kayaks along with modern gadgets just add some awesome quality to your fishing experience.

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