How to Install a Fishfinder on a Kayak?

Fishing is a remarkable hobby which lets you enjoy the nature to the maximum. Especially if you are fishing on a kayak, you are sure to enjoy as it is one of the best form of traveling in open waters.

However, for all those out there who want to use a fish finder for their trip, it is imperative to dig deeper. Yes! You can not use the fishfinder just like that.Before, you plan your adventure trip, you need to know how to install a fish finder on a kayak.

Without having the basic information and guidelines, you can not fix the fishfinder on your kayak and you might end up ruining the entire activity. So, here is the complete method of installation of a fish finder on your kayak.

Find the spot where to put your unit:

 When you are going to select a spot to mount the fish finder on the kayak. You need to be mindful of the following points:

  • You can fix it over the top of storage box if you are having the latest kayak
  • For older versions, you need to find a flat surface to fix it
  • Always select the spot which is easily approachable for you so that you carry on your fishing activity without any risks
  • If your chosen point is on the side of your kayak, make sure that it is not come as a hurdle for you while paddling
  • Regarding the closures, always go for the stainless steel as a material as it is long lasting and does not end up rusting even after multiple trips

Find a place to set up the transducer

Transducer is a device which gives you the inside view of water just below your kayak. So, it is important for you to install it perfectly so that you can accurately track the movements of fish under your kayak. Simply keep the following in your mind!

  • Make sure that transducer does not block your way during fishing
  • You can fix it in the prescribed spot i.e. transducer scupper if you have the new version of kayak
  • Adjust the position of your transducer with the help of the scuttle holes on the bottom of your kayak so that it is completely immersed in water

Now follow these simple steps:

  • Empty the kayak. Yes! Take out all the seats of your kayak
  • Turn the kayak upside down as you have to locate a flat part of the hull
  • Before you mount the transducer, you should sand the surface and then wipe clean the area with a cloth
  • Make sure that you are using a silicon adhesive to secure the bottom of transducer and that there are no air bubbles still inside
  • Now press and keep moving the bracket of transducer sideways in order to fix it with the hull

Set up the unit on the kayak

Once you are done with the installation of screen unit, now you have to fix rod holders on your kayak.

  • First make holes with a drilling machine
  • Pull up the cables through these holes n then through the grommets
  • Now fix the grommets into the holes with a screwdriver
  • Finally, it is time to fix the base

Battery for the Fish finder

A SLA  (sealed lead acid) battery is a must for the fis finder, if you are going for fishing as it is a pack of batteries sealed securely in a plastic casing.  However, you need to go through the following specifications for ideal outcomes:

  • You can find different sizes of these batteries available on the market. You can choose according to your preferences.
  • The capacity of a battery is measured in Ampere hours and it can be used like one Ampere will be consumed in one hour.So, ideally, you should take 12Ah battery packet as you will be able to use it for 12 hours straight.
  • Since the battery can be damaged if exposed to moisture, so, you need to find a secure place inside your kayak where it can be protected from saltwater.
  • You can consider using a battery tray or some other protection like foam block so that the saltwater does not get inside or around the battery terminals otherwise they will be rusted.
  • Do not forget to take along with you a battery charged specifically for the SLS battery.

How to power fish finder in kayak

Now you can create the wiring of fish finder to connect it with the kayak.

  • Wrap the wires firmly through the battery pack and kayak.
  • Secure all the electric joints to avoid any accidents.
  • You can even give an extra protection by wrapping an electric tape.
  • Be careful with the plugs and sockets. An electric tape comes in handy for the purposes. However, you can even go for soldering the joints instead of tape.
  • You need to know that the fuses are also important. In case of emergency, you may need an extra fuse. So, always keep them along with you.

Switch on the Fish Finder

Now you are all set to go. All you have to do is to connect your base unit with the battery. Check the display of your fish finder. If it starts working, you are ready to start your journey for a fascinating trip of fishing.


 You will surely enjoy your trip fishing on your kayak if you will follow these steps to install the fish finder on the kayak. It is always a pleasure staying close to nature and wonder about the beauty of the open sea. The fishfinder will aid you locate the fishes and you will definitely be able to catch a lot of fishes on your way back home only if you manage to install the fish finder correctly on your kayak.

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