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How Does a Fish Finder Work?

How Does a Fish Finder Work

Sometimes, when fishing, especially in deep seas or in water bodies where fish is scarce could be a challenge. The reason is that the fish could be deep in the waters, or limited in quantity. You may end up spending the whole day in the lake fishing and come back with nothing! To mitigate this challenge, […]

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Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing

Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing

Fishing is a healthy and exciting hobby, and people from across the globe enjoy it. Fishing is, in fact, a technical task. There are many kinds of fishing; Fly fishing and Spin Fishing. For those interested in digging deeper into the differences between the two types, keep reading. The main difference between Fly fishing and spin […]

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Wondering How to Store a Kayak?

how to store a kayak

Well! Kayaking is indeed a very healthy and enjoyable hobby, which makes you develop a connection with nature, and you can enjoy yourself by feeling the cool breeze of the open seas. However, you cannot do it without a kayak, right? So, what is a kayak? A Kayak is a small but narrow watercraft that is […]

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How to Store Fishing Rods?

how to store fishing rods

Well! There are so many things which belong to you, and you want to take extra care of them with keen interest. These things can be your valuables, assets, and instruments. Now, if I talk about the tools, the fishing rods are of great importance for those people who are fond of fishing. So today, in […]

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How to Tie Braided Fishing Line?

How to Tie Braided Fishing Line

You know it very well that there is nothing impossible in this advance time. With little effort, technique, and interest you can do anything you want in the best possible manner. As for example, if you are fond of going for fishing and want to learn about the ties of fishing lines, you can do […]

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How to Use Topwater Lures?

How to Use Topwater Lures

Fishing is a great way to enjoy when you want to spend time with your friends and family outdoor. The only idea of getting near some water, catching a fish and cook it there seems amazing. And the actual process of catching a fish is even more adventurous. For fishing, you need a plan, of […]

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How to Wire Fish Finder to Fuse Box?

How to Wire Fish Finder to Fuse Box

As discussed in previous article that fishing is adopted as a hobby by many people. Most of the people are very emotional during their working, but some of them have adopted this as their profession. So, your boats and ships should be perfect enough for doing this job. During fishing in deep waters, the instruments which […]

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How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing?

How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing

The weekend is approaching. This weekend you are planning to go on a fishing trip with a kayak. But you are stuck as how to outfit a kayak for fishing. Then we will guide you how you can pack your kayak in a better organized manner. Before proceeding further lets see how and why to […]

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How to Read Lowrance Fish Finder?

How to Read Lowrance Fish Finder

Fishing is an interesting hobby which enables you stay close to nature and you can enjoy the tranquility and quiet of open waters as long as you like. For the new fishermen, it is quiet of an adventure to go out there and catch the fish. But you might have an idea that there are […]

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